TETRAKTYS 3.0 – OMBRALUCE | work in progress

TETRAKTYS 3.0 - OMBRALUCE | work in progress


Het Italiaanse TETRAKTYS project onderzoekt de interactie tussen artistieke codes en verschillende uitdrukkingsvormen. De eerste twee delen 60HB and DUST experimenteerden geometrisch en driedimensionaal, OMBRALUCE gaat volledig vierdimensionaal. Het beschrijft een evolutie die start van de innerlijke perceptie van de scene naar de volledige creatieve gewaarwording. Lichaam, licht, projecties, muziek bewegen zowel uiterlijk als innerlijk simultaan en creëren een nieuwe manier om afstand en volume te ervaren. OMBRALUCE start van het wetenschappelijke principe van ‘Physics of Representation’: open, transparante en onzichtbare deeltjes die het licht reflecteren en absorberen in een continuüm van ruimte en tijd.

choreografie Mario Coccetti | visueel ontwerp Sara Caliumi | muziek en geluid Andrea Rizzi | performance Fabrizio Molducci, Mario Coccetti | lichtontwerp Paolo Bonapace | organisatie Valentina Bressanin

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TETRAKTYS project studies how different artistic and expressive code interact following one common point of view:to create an ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE,-original in content and in staging- which offers multi layer and accessible INTERPRETATION CHOICES; everything but didactic.

In its three years long story, the project has produced two completed performances:

World Stage Design Festival (Cardiff, UK) – Nemesis Prize at MarteLive (Rome, Italy) A collaboration with Arena del Sole Nuova Scena – Teatro stabile di Bologna)

Reverb Dance Festival (New York, USA), CCB (Center for Choreography Bleiburg – Austria). Winner at Prospettiva Danza (Padova, Italy)

Third phase of TETRAKTYS. Even more than the two previous stages it’s a moment of experimentation which wants to examine and plumb potentialities and possibilities earlier expressed with our working method. If 60HB and DUST have investigated an experimentation which could be defined “geometrical” and “three-dimensional”, OMBRALUCE wants to go further and become “four-dimensional”.

It is about a perceptive evolution which starts from the inner scenic space and makes it an active actor, who takes part to the creative process. In particular, body, light, projection, music, are called to act simultaneously from the outside and from the inside, creating a brand new way of perception about distances and volumes, and it definitively changes the deep perception of audience and even of the body which is moving.

Hit by the light, interacting with the technical elements of the scene, in harmony or in disharmony with music, the acting body himself becomes a point which releases light and shadow, and he modifies, somehow, his self-perception and the awareness of space, elevating with hints, points of view and interpretations whatever is happening on stage.

In OMBRALUCE the research starts from the scientific foundations which support Physics of Representation: open, transparent and opaque bodies that reflect and adsorb light in a “continuum” of space and time. In this project even more than in the previous, the creative process follows the same conduit and it uses coherent and symbiotic codes about experimentation and realization of performing action.


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