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Societat Doctor Alonso | ANARCHY | Belgische première

Societat Doctor Alonso | ANARCHY | Belgische première


Veertig witte elektrische gitaren verbonden met versterkers in een perfect geometrisch vierkant. Veertig toeschouwers die elk een gitaar bemannen en de soundtrack creëren voor de choreografische performance op scene.

Een reis door de anarchistische Spaanse geschiedenis van de 20 ste eeuw en de opkomst van de punkbeweging.

Live-art en een experiment in orde en chaos.

Deze voorstelling stelt de idee van controle in vraag. We worden geboren in een bepaalde structuur en zijn afhankelijk van anderen voor onze basisbehoeften. Een theatergezelschap heeft publiek, theaterhuizen en overheden nodig om haar werk te kunnen tonen. Maar betekent deze onderlinge sociale afhankelijkheid ook overheersing? Of werden overheden juist gecrëeerd om ons actievermogen te controleren? In Anarchy reclaimen we onszelf en beleven kunst als een medium waar we kunnen experimenteren en alles mag mislukken.

regie Sofía Asencio | dramaturgie Tomàs Aragay | choreografie Sofía Asencio Aznar | performer Semolina Tomic | licht en decor CUBE | geluid Marc Navarro | productie Imma Bové | spreiding Doctor Alonso


This is an experiment in chaos and order.

The experience is obviously not an innocuous one and is extremely complex; it could be summarised as “if you want silence you have to work on it” or “do whatever you like”. Assuming power is in no way simple. We are born tied to our circumstances and from our earliest childhood depend on others to obtain such vital necessities as food or heat. We (SDA) depend on the audience, and also on theatres and governments, for our work to be seen. However, what is essentially a social interdependence does not make either the audience or the theatres or the governments our masters. The problem with government is that it has been created to rule, to administrate and to govern our actions.

Art is a homogenous medium where we can experiment with or reproduce certain states, certain assumptions. Basically, where we can fuck up. We would like this piece to approach the spirit of live-art, where experimentation is the vital ingredient, not as an aesthetic act but as a constituent aspect of the piece, of the action of going to the theatre. The audience have the floor; they have both the noise and the silence. Every action carries its own responsibility. Using sound, it becomes evident that the absence of sound and the absence of action are up to each individual.

For this performance / show we will place 40 electric guitars with their respective amps in a perfect square in the middle of the theatre’s seating area, occupying 40 seats. Each audience member will therefore find a guitar, with a pick, which they can use throughout the entire performance.

On stage, Semolina Tomic will execute a choreographic performance lasting exactly 60 minutes. This choreography is fixed and precise, and will always be performed in the same manner, not influenced in any way by whatever soundtrack the audience create while it is taking place.

director Sofía Asencio | dramaturge Tomàs Aragay | devised by/ choreography Sofía Asencio Aznar | performed by Semolina Tomic | lighting and stage design CUBE | soundscape Marc Navarro | produced by Imma Bové | distributed by Societat Doctor Alonso

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